Based on feedback and research for members of our Alliance community the Alliance recognized a need to provide effective EMS online training for our members as well as the EMS community at-large. ACE for EMS strives to provide the very best training based on the latest data and research on up-to-date topics such as HIPPA compliance and ICD-10 rollout.

EMS training courses have some common elements that are necessary for any student to become knowledgeable and proficient in emergency response work. Knowledge is important as you prepare to deal with a wide variety of situations. Knowing how to render aid on a case-by-case basis requires that you be mentally and scholastically prepared. Practical training is equally important, providing you with the opportunity to apply your knowledge in simulated situations that mirror real-life emergencies. Finally, your understanding and abilities must be proven in testing and certification processes that ensure that you are truly qualified to render assistance in emergencies. Our online EMS training gives you the opportunity to participate in preparation stages on a schedule that works for you so that you can obtain your EMS credentials.

EMS certification classes offered via the Internet make it possible to complete your studied in the comfort of your own home. You can fit your EMS courses into your free time. You have time to learn and re-learn concepts of which you are unsure. You have the freedom to advance quickly through your EMS certification classes. Our approach is truly individualized and you can work at a pace that allows you to succeed.

With our hands-on portion of your EMS online program you will be involved in intensive skill instruction modules and view demonstrations that apply your knowledge to real situations that you may encounter as a certified EMS. This intensive period allows you to build your skills and focus strictly on your program as you prepare for certification. While many EMS schools provide this training simultaneously with academic studies, our intensive program works well for those who want to use vacation time to complete their preparation. Our EMS training is tailored to help those with busy lives to achieve their goals.

EMS Hybrid Courses

In the hybrid course design, students are offered a flexible schedule that minimizes demands upon an individual's schedule, while still providing quality, valuable, and relevant education.

American Heart Association Courses

Build your skills with a variety of American Heart Association Courses and earn instructor-led CE Hours.

National Association of EMT Courses

We also offer a variety of National Association of EMT Courses.  

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