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  • 29 Jul 2019
  • 31 Dec 2019
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  • 6 month online EMT course

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The ACE4EMS hybrid EMT class uses the "flipped classroom" model, combining online self-paced study with intensive skills practice and live knowledge integration sessions.

Our evening EMT program is taught live at CLTCC Huey P. Long campus in Winnfield and broadcast to remote campuses.

All class sessions are broadcast live and recorded, allowing students maximum flexibility in attendance. You'll get to study in our spacious classrooms utilizing the latest technology and practice your skills in our rolling ambulance simulation lab!

Class dates and times are as scheduled:

January 29-June 13

Tuesday -Thursday 5:30-10:00

$          744 tuition (186X4)

$          275 lab fees

$          255 MyBradyLab eLearning, textbook and educational tools app bundle

$           26 student Uniform Polo


$       1,300 before January 25, 2019

Can be paid in installments of

$          600 due January 25, 2019

$          375 due March 25, 2019 ($25-dolar service fee)

$          375 due May 25, 2019 ($25-dollar service fee)


National Registry Psychomotor Exam and Prep Fees Due June 1, 2018


$             160 NREMT Exam


Teaching-Learning Methods: Teaching-learning methods in this course may include, but are not limited to, online assigned readings, presentations, discussion boards, chat sessions, critical thinking exercises, labs, and class activities. Evaluation procedures include quizzes, written examinations, and assignments. Major exam dates and times are posted prior to beginning of class. Supplemental information to assist in your learning will be posted on My Brady Lab. Please check My Brady Lab frequently.

Online Self-Study (mandatory)

               144 hours

Webinar/Chat Sessions

                Bi-monthly 1-hour question and answer online session to discuss assigned                                              module    (optional)

Live Skill Labs

                6 scenario skills lab (mandatory)

Field Clinical Internship

                48 hours minimum. Student must prove proficiency with a minimum of 12                                     patient contacts


                Louisiana Licensed Emergency Medical Responder

                Current Healthcare Provider Card

                 High School Diploma or equivalent


Documentation of:

a.         Complete online Louisiana Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Student Application

b.         Criminal background check

c.         Drug screen (must be completed by a licensed facility which uses a certified laboratory)

d.         Meet any additional requirements as outlined by ACE4EMS, NREMT, Louisiana Bureau of EMS or other regulating bodies

         Prior to field internship;

e.         Complete required immunizations and titers

f.          Proof of health and student liability insurance

g.         American Heart Association CPR Healthcare Provider Card

             h.         Meet physical and technical standards of the EMS Profession             

Course Textbook and Materials:

·         Mistovitch, J. and Karren, K. (2013). Prehospital Emergency Care, 10th edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Brady Books.

·         Limmer Creative EMT student bundle

·         My Brady Lab

Course Completion Requirements:

Successful completion of this course requires adherence to course policies, maintaining a course average of 80% with a minimum score of 80% on each major examination, a minimum score of 80% on the course final examination, and successfully demonstrating all required skills.

Registrant has 5 months to complete the online didactic portion of the course.

$ 744 tuition 
$ 275 lab fees
$ 255 MyBradyLab eLearning, textbook and educational tools app bundle
$ 26 student Uniform Polo
$ 1,300 before January 25, 2019an be paid in installments of

$ 600 due January 25, 2019
$ 375 due March 25, 2019 ($25-dolar service fee)
$ 375 due May 25, 2019 ($25-dollar service fee)

National Registry Psychomotor Exam and Prep Fees Due June 1, 2018

$ 160 NREMT Exam

Please call 1-888-871-7090 with any questions.

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